100% Recycled and Tumbled Glass

All of our glass is tumbled to remove sharp edges. Our glass pebbles have a smooth polished finish.

All of our glass is recycled post-consumer and post-industrial glass bottle and scraps.  Some of the glass is simply ground and tumbled with various flaws and inconsistencies common with recycled glass.

Most of our glass is re-melted and re-colored to ensure a mostly consistent colored and sized end product. But as with all recycled glass variations between batches can occur.

Ask us about LEED credits for your project.

Our storefront reflects retail pricing.
For B2B please contact us for wholesale pricing and shipping options.

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Exactly Why to Select Canadian Recycled Glass?

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In virtually any sector, skill is usually a top factor relating to results. If you are needing a notable Canadian glass pebble supplier, that is definitely much more correct. As a decorative glass supplier, all of us can certainly show anyone firsthand that the actual quality is undeniably measured through the experience of the firm that you are employing. The massive magnitude of practical experience that Canadian Recycled Glass offers being a notable Canadian glass pebble supplier, is the reason you actually really should rely on us with your important critical requirements. In case you are browsing to get a notable Canadian glass pebble supplier, believe in Canadian Recycled Glass. Please consult with us without delay.

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