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Refrigerators By Size

Domestic fridge freezers can be classified into four main refrigerator sizes. When shopping, buyers should consider their particular homes needs when deciding on the right type of refrigerator by size for their purchase. The different categories are discussed below.

Mini Refrigerators

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First, we have the compact or mini fridge; these are built with comparatively small refrigerator dimensions. Because they are compact, they can easily fit in small areas in the kitchen such as under counters. This makes them useful for placing under a bar or beneath a kitchen countertop.

They do not occupy much space so they can readily be installed into a bedroom or even in a small basement, this provides access to different food items and beverages easily without the need to go to the kitchen.

Mini or compact refrigerator sizes are ideal as a complimentary or second refrigerator unit in a home, or they can be used as a primary chilling appliance by those who live alone in small studio type apartments or campus college dormitories.

Standard Sized Refrigerators

The second domestic fridge freezer size is the standard sized refrigerator. These units are the most commonly used refrigerators, and are found the average household kitchen. They are made to be tall and slim so that they don't occupy too much floor space in the kitchen.

The fridge and freezer compartments of these appliances are decent sizes, and are big enough to hold food items and beverages that are good for 4 to 8 people for several days.

Large Sized Refrigerators

The third of the refrigerator sizes used in domestic applications are the large models. They include units such as side-by-side refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, and refrigerators with French doors.

These units have bigger freezer compartments compared to the standard sized units. They provide storage capacity for food items and beverages sufficient for large sized families for periods of up to a week in duration.

Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Sizes

The last refrigerator size is cabinet-depth refrigerators. These refrigerators are special, and rather unique, since they are made with the standard cabinet dimensions in mind. This means they are usually not as deep as other large refrigerators.

The limited depth means they can be installed without protruding out past the surrounding cabinets, and they are commonly referred to as built-in fridge freezers. The best built-in units in the market today are Sub Zero refrigerators, which can be purchased with customizable exteriors.

When shopping for a refrigerator by size, consider your available install space as well as your capacity requirements when determining which refrigerator dimensions are right for your home.

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