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8 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Pocket Knives

If it's your first time buying pocket knives and you're pretty much all riled up, I have to say that I COMPLETELY understand how you feel.

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Imagining the awesome looking knife in your hand and the bravado feeling that it brings is just off the hook! Not many people (especially men) can stand the excitement of buying their pocket knives.

Although I understand how excited you're probably right now, I also know that there are some of you that aren't quite sure what to look for when buying pocket knives.

The thing is there are basic but VERY CRITICAL things that you should look into first before you even buy one. The points below will talk about that.

But before I even start sharing, I want to let you know that if you have any tips that you'd like to share about the topic, you can share it in the comments section below and I'd be very glad to discuss it with you.

Im sure that the more people who'll share, the more people can benefit from the ideas that we'd be able to collect through the comments section.

Now that we have that squared away, here are 8 things that you need to consider before buying one

  • Your pocket knives purpose

Knowing what your knifes purpose is plays a key role when choosing which knife you'll buy.

Once you've answered this question, you can then tailor fit your knifes size, shape, budget, etc. on that purpose.

As an example, stainless steel knives are better than carbon steel knives when it comes to resisting rust. Its also better in wet conditions so if you're staying near the beach or you foresee using your knife on places where it's going to be in regular contact with moisture, then stainless steel knives are definitely for you.

  • Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is very important to a knife and especially to it's user.

Pocket knives with poor quality locking mechanisms area easily destroyed. These knives don't normally last long since it lacks stability let alone put the users at risk.

  • Design

Getting a knife with a design that suits your character adds a level of endearment between a knife and the knife user.

If you want to feel and look more bravado then picking a knife with a bravado look will definitely do the job.

  • Steel quality

The main attribute or feature of a knife is it's sharpness after all. With poor quality steel, your pocket knives value will pretty much drop in half.

This is where you need to ask about the knifes corrosion resistance, hardness, strength of the metal etc.

  • Grip materials

Ever heard of comfort over fashion? Thats what the grip material is all about.The grip material is where knife enthusiasts normally add their design on the knife. Its one of the most visible parts of the knife.

Although going for design over the quality of the grip can be very tempting at times, do not succumb to your need of looking good over safety.

The phrase safety first has been around for several years and it's for a reason.

  • The pocket knives price

If you want the most value for your money, you can check-out the Leatherman wave pocket knives and choose from the wide range of high quality knives that's priced at a remarkably reasonable rate.

  • Warranty

Other knife companies offer warranties. Others would even go as far as giving life time warranties on the knife they're selling.

As an important tip, I urge you not to put TOO MUCH emphasis on the warranty. No matter how enticing the lifetime warranty sounds like, other companies simply tell you that they no longer have any stock or parts for that specific knife.

Theyll offer you other knives (normally of lower quality) instead in replacement to your damaged knife.

  • Will the knife be used excessively?

You should ask this question because other knives are more durable than others. As an example, carbon steel knives are more durable when it comes to abusive conditions.

In this case, buying a carbon steel knife will do you more good than the stainless steel one.

Considering these points before buying a pocket knife can give you a better idea of which ones to buy. Now you'll have a better idea on which pocket knife to buy.

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