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Where have I been?

Well, I was on vacation for 3 weeks and then playing catch up for another week. Finally I return.

The first week we had to take the little one to the doctor for his yearly check up. When I stepped out of the elevator I glanced at the placard that listed the businesses on the floor before returning to ushering the kids into the lobby. My brain seized on the word "Penny". Hrmm I did a double take and sure enough, Penny Arcade.

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Turns out that Penny Arcade is in the same building at my kid's pediatrician. I resisted the urge to be a Fan boy and simply snapped a picture of the plaque outside the door. The receptionist at the clinic said that they met the guys in the hallway all the time and they we're really nice. Funny.

Then we spent two nights at the Westin - without kids - for our anniversary. We just parked the car and spent the whole weekend either walking around downtown seattle or lit up and laying in bed watching bad television. That's an incredible time, especially when you have kids.

Lots happened but it's late and I can't fully remember it all.

Last Sunday Stacia gave me my anniversary present. I went online and we ordered my new MacBook!

I got the black, of course. But I passed on the 2Gig of preconfigured ram for $500 bucks! I'm getting a rebate for the iPod we picked out for Stacia and that should cover the 2Gigs of Patriot ram I want to put in here. I'm so amazed at how well this system runs. The commercials are right, "It just works". I've installed a number of apps already from iAlertU to Parallels and of course Firefox and Adium.

With the default 512mb of RAM Parallels is almost worthless. I setup a win2k system and patched it up the other night. But I really can't run anything. Soon though. I'm just so impressed with this thing. Though Vito says that after so long with the crapy systems I've had that anything would look like magic in comparison. That might be true. But this little laptop is amazing.

I got the DVI adapter and hooked it up to my 2005FPW. Firstly. The screen on the MacBook blows the 2005FPW away. So bright and so crisp. I was able to adjust the layout of my monitors so I went to the other screen not just by move to the mouse to the right edge but rather to the top. Not really all that impressive I guess. But there's so much more about this laptop and OS that makes me say with certainty that I'm not buying a "PC" again. It's Macs from here on out.

Stacia loved her iBook and she really loves my MacBook. I keep finding more fun and cool stuff this thing can do. I've already got the Terminal on the dock and can zip around through bash just like I was at home on linux. I grabbed up Stacia's old BlueTooth mouse that she dropped because it used up the batteries a lot and failed to associate again after the mouse or the iBook went to sleep. So far it reassociates flawlessly after I click one of the mouse buttons. (And since we quit WoW the batteries seem to be lasting a bit longer =) )

It quickly and easily picks up my AP and it's smoking fast. Reconnecting the instant I wake it up.

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