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Brooklyn Beans K Cups

The product was exactly as described as far as a nice mix of 40 different Brooklyn Beans flavors. As a hobbyist photographer, I did like the beautiful photos that we're on the box. The box design created a nice calming aesthetic to the overall experience which I can truthfully say I had yet to experience from other k cup brands. After taking a moment to enjoy the box art it was time to rip it open and toss one into my Keurig.

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Brooklyn Beans K Cups | First Tastes

The first flavor that I decided to try out was the Fugheddaboutit k cup as I had heard it was a favorite to many for it's strong flavor. I brewed my cup, first noticing that it had a very nice smell to it. It can be described as a pungent coffee shop type smell. It reminded me of espresso to be perfectly honest.

Well, that should have been my warning. As I took the first sip I truthfully believed that this stuff could be used to raise the dead. Its potent, and I love it! You remember the old Garfield cartoons when his coffee bent the spoon? Well, this is what he must have been drinking. If you like it strong, then this is the stuff for you.

After I finished my first cup I decided to try one of the light flavors, so in went the Breakfast Blend. The smell while it was brewing reminded me of the Folgers I frequently enjoy at my families home. While this one was a nice cup of coffee, it really compared to some of the other breakfast blends that are on the market. It is nothing special to write home about, but it is also far from terrible. Somewhere in the middle I would say.

Brooklyn Beans K Cups | Closing Thoughts

Now that I have sampled at least one of the each flavor I will say this. I have yet to find a single flavor that was terrible. Most of these are very comparable to other brands, while you can pick them up for a fraction of the price.

However, some are truly exceptional. These are the more robust dark flavors. I have been very impressed with these personally especially the Fugheddaboutit flavor. If you are like I was and still haven't had the opportunity to try out one of the Brooklyn Beans k cups, then it is certainly worth a $20 investment in order for you to give them a go. I am certainly pleased that I took the time and money to do just that.

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