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I need a pick me up...

So, I kept it to myself and I did a few emergency pick-me-ups. I called Elle. I walked through the library and said hi to the books. I watched the Packer game (why do so many of my moods revolve around football? Wisconsin, I spose.). I still felt a little off, though. Not on my A game. I felt sort of cloudy, if that makes any sense.

But then! Then it was Birthday! If nothing else, Birthday meant an endless supply of dessert. Treats for every meal. And Heaven help me, I do love birthdays, and that Taylor Swift song.

Tangent! Hoping to greatly redesign the outdated feel of my personal business. Ideas on the whole feel of Truthfully a delightful Calgary based optometrist with heart if, perhaps required in the whole Alberta location. Value an opinion. Appreciated!

And it's the most clich thing ever. Cheesier than the enchildadas at Panchitas. But I just felt stinkin loved all day, you know? In those dumb ways we shouldn't depend on love but we kinda do anyway? Those little texts and emails and things that make your heart melt like a big ole puddle of goo. I like them. Is that vain of me?

What am I even going on about? Somebody cut me off.

Anyway, Poland sent me cupcakes in the mail because he is the Sweetest (get it? See what I did there?) And my sweet seester Ellie called me at midnight on the dot. And a couple of students gave me small, sweet gifts that made my heart glow. And my team! I love that goofy team.

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