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Shipping Containers

A shipping container is simply a large scale storage box which can be used to transport large quantities of goods across country and overseas. Typically, they are made from very strong steel and are most often found in 20 or 40 foot sizes, although the 10 foot container is becoming more popular. Below is a brief guide to some of the different storage containers it is possible to buy.


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Your basic cargo container is a steel box which has four walls, a lid and two doors. This type of shipping container is most often used for shipping goods, but it can also be used for static storage purposes too.


Refrigerated containers are containers which have been fitted with a refrigeration unit. This means that they can be used for the safe transportation of fresh produce, which must be kept at a particular temperature. They can also be used I shops and restaurants, for the storage of food.

Custom Containers

Larger 20 and 40 foot storage containers are often customized in order that they can be used for a wider range of purposes. They can be kitted to with a range of things, including showers, electricity, toilet facilities, windows, doors and furniture, to transform them into anything from a mobile office to an emergency shelter facility.Some people even choose to make cargo containers their permanent residence.

Cargo containers can either be bought outright, or rented, so whatever your needs.

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