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Acoustic Guitar Sizes The Most Appropriate Buying Guide

Playing a guitar seems fun, exciting and thrilling to almost every music enthusiast. However, the tricky part is to buy the best acoustic guitar available in the market. Besides quality assessment for building materials and craftsmanship, tonewood and brand, you also need to focus on guitar sizes. In this post, we have discussed medium and large acoustic guitar sizes, and how they can affect your playability, overall sound profile and tone.

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Although there's no set standard for large, medium and small demarcations to grade the sizes of acoustic guitars, we have tried to cover some aspects to point out some general distinctions. This information can help you with an extensive research and ease of organization while buying an acoustic guitar. In addition to this, smaller guitars available in the market are less common in stage performances and popular music videos. Thus, it is very important to provide you with information regarding these mid sized and large guitars.

A lot of manufacturers are different by their model names, but most of them have followed C.F Martins way with standards. The guitar sizes discussed below are not meant to promote any single brand, but study ratings and standards of different guitar sizes. With information about style names, body size and playability, you will be able to easily compare and rank models from different manufacturers, and find the best acoustic guitar. According to Martins scale, the more Os mean the guitar is large in depth and profile.

Concert and Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

Concert (generally about 13-1/2? at the lower bout)and Grand Concert (measuring about14-1/4? at the lower bout) guitar models are way larger than mini, traveler and tenor models, but smaller than Auditorium, Jumbo and Dreadnought models. This makes concert and grand concert guitar models belong to the mid size category. These guitars tend to give a much wider equalizer range than other smaller models.

When you go ahead and compare sizes, you will learn that a larger guitar body size, and the basic difference in bout sizes can create an overtone spectrum and wider Eq tonal adding to the beauty and projection of the sound. The term Grand means a standard increase in depth size and profile size. Other aspects of the Grand Concert acoustic guitar are the same as Concert acoustic guitar.

Auditorium and Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitars

Just like the concert series, even these models have a narrower waist than Dreadnought and Jumbo models. These models can be easily held and played by individuals who we're earlier using Dreadnought or other larger sizes.

The Auditorium (typically measuring about 15? at the lower bout) and Grand Auditorium (16? at the lower bout) acoustic guitar models provide you with more treble, mid and low spread in the sound. But the sound effect is still less than the larger guitar models. They are quite balanced. Once again, the only difference in Grand Auditorium and Auditorium models is the size.

Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to acoustic guitars, the Dreadnought model (measuring about15-5/8? at the lower bout )is the picture that comes first to the mind. A lot of people consider this model to be the best acoustic guitar. According to industry experts, this model has the most balanced regarding all general Eq ranges. Thus, the sound profile is high quality and clear.

Although tonewoods play a major role to add something to this spectrum, the Dreadnought body style has always been popular. It has been a standard for different types of acoustic guitars for decades. Martin Guitar company started producing the Dreadnought model in the 1930s. Since then, it has become the most commonly played and produced acoustic guitar.

It is worth mentioning that some children and smaller framed players find it difficult to play a Dreadnought guitar. However, learning the skills on this guitar model can make the player suited for quickly picking up other kinds of guitars.

The Dreadnought model is always readily available in the market. Some Dreadnought acoustic guitar models also come with extra squared upper bouts or rounded upper bouts. In most models, you will see the more squared upper bouts.

Jumbo Acoustic Guitars

The Jumbo acoustic guitars are large bodied models(generally about over 16? at the lower bout). At times, the body style of these guitars is also used by the manufacturer in producing bass guitars. The Jumbo acoustic guitar features a lot more curvature difference between lower and upper bouts. Moreover, this model has more waist than Dreadnought model. Due to this, Dreadnought acoustic guitars resemble the figure 8.

Jumbo acoustic guitars can produce much better sound in bass range. Moreover, depending on the tonewood, these guitars can also sound a bit lopsided when compared to some smaller acoustic guitar models. The bouts and size give this model the booming effects, and bass filled resonance. When it comes to bass, this is the best acoustic guitar.

Grand Jumbo Acoustic Guitars

If a small framed individual or child found it difficult to strum and hold a Jumbo or Dreadnought, the Grand Jumbo will feel like holding a big suitcase or trunk. You might find it difficult to play the Grand Jumbo model. In fact, the Grand Jumbo may be considered the largest acoustic guitar model.

Unlike other models discussed above, this one is not easily available in the market. However, it's worth mentioning that the body depth and width are unparalleled. This model produces a resonant, deep sound that seems heavy and tilts towards the bass end.

It is important to understand that the Grand Jumbo acoustic guitar is not like a standard bass guitar. The octaves in a bass guitar can be attributed to larger string diameters. On the other hand, Grand Jumbo still belongs to the category of keys, but produces the largest bass sound among the models discussed above.


Before buying an acoustic guitar, you need to conduct an extensive research, and gather more information about every aspect of acoustic guitars. In order to find the best acoustic guitar, you need to focus on size, budget and preferences.

With some basic knowledge, you will be able to make an informed choice. These days, you can even buy acoustic guitars on the Internet. There are many online retailers who sell high quality acoustic guitars at affordable prices. Just make sure you choose a reputed dealer.

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