Delivery for I.C. Wiener

The other week, I got drunk and did a whole stack of shopping online. Thankfully I was able to cancel the $70 CD, but the rest we're done thru PayPal, and payment was instantly gone from my account. So I waited, waited some more, sighing every time the post box was empty. Then today, everything came in at once.

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This is some of what I got -

Yep, a sweet Domo-kun doll from USA, and a Domo-kun sticker from Russia. The "THINK" sticker I won from MacTalk last week. Had to trim it down a bit. Then when peeling the backing off, the sticker curled up and bits of the sticker come off. But it was free, so I can't complain.

Then last Friday night, Secret Chiefs 3 posted on Facebook that their first two albums are now available on 12 vinyl. Again, I'd had a few drinks and splashed out another $75 which I should really be trying to save. The records haven't arrived yet; not that I'm in a hurry. I got the first album twice [ once when it came out, the second time remastered with additional songs ], and the second album I think 5 times. I'd pre-ordered it from CDNOW/Amazon, got a copy from Web of Mimicry with extra goodies and a regular copy from a local record store before the others arrived. Also got a second copy from WoM because of the re-mastered/extra songs thing.

These days I don't drink as much, nor do I get as drunk as I used to haven't had a drunken spew for years! but I still have just enough booze in me to not think straight, and make poor financial decisions based on wants, not needs. I s'pose if I'm eating sandwiches every day and drinking cordial it's alright, because the amount of meat pies, sausage rolls and McDonald's cheeseburgers I used to eat cost me a fortune. Still, it's probably best I get an app which blocks eBay, PayPal and while I'm drinking.

Wish me luck!

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