Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

I was looking for something or other a few months ago on Amazon and came across this stuff called "self-fusing silicone tape," which had a lot of positive reviews. I bought a roll out of curiosity, and it's turned out to be really useful definitely something to have in the toolbox and possibly glove compartment and backcountry pack.

It's pretty interesting stuff. It doesn't have a sticky surface; instead, it just sticks to itself. So much so that you have to be really careful when you apply it, which involves stretching it to 2-3x it's original length (it's stretchy and rubbery) and overlapping it with itself as you wrap.

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According to the marketing of some of the major brands on Amazon, it was originally used on military aircraft. It's waterproof, air-tight, removable (no residue), flexible, and not ugly like duct tape. Unfortunately, all that means that it's fairly expensive. The kind I have, F4 tape, is currently $14 for a 36 roll. Another popular kind, Rescue Tape, is pretty similar.

I've already used it to

  • repair a leak in an exterior drain pipe that I'd previously assumed I'd need to replace,
  • insulate and provide strain relief for my electric lawnmower's cord (I've run over it a few times),
  • serve as a gripping surface on our Medela wrench, and
  • provide a seal for a makeshift miter saw dust port to vacuum adapter.

Given that it's waterproof, flexible, and doesn't leave a residue I'll probably start bringing some with me for emergency repair on backcountry ski trips and maybe camping as well.

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